choir of female specialists


chorus discantus

Austria's First Classical Ladies' Chamber Choir lays claim to making music in a most delicate way and is dedicated to the highest standard. The ensemble of 24 female voices at the most, specialises in original compositions for treble voices.


Shortly after the choir had been formed, it already attracted the attention of experts and media and was therefore invited to international choir competitions like "18 th Franz Schubert 2001" in Vienna, where the ladies won the silver medal (category female choir). In 2003 they won the 13 th International Choir Competition in Prague (maximum points). In this way, they again gave an impressive demostration of the choir's excellent musical quality. There, the ladies filled the jury, which was presided by the czech composer Petr Eben, with enthusiasm. and their singing was awarded with the gold medal and maximum points in the categories female choir and chamber choir. The choir's conductress was awarded with the most wanted "special prize of the jury for best conductor." Through their "excellent artistic overall impression" the ladies came to the top and succeeded as well in the category "large choirs" as over 52 other choirs, from Europe, South Africa and South America, that had participated in the competition and won the laureate of the competition.


Besides the widely known literature from various eras – the repertoire ranges from the old masters and the great romantics to the twentieth century composers – the ladies focus on works of contemporary composers, among them many ordered compositions and/ or compositions especially dedicated to "chorus discantus".


Since 2003 the ladies have focused their musical interest particularely on young male and female composers, and promote especially those from Austria. This interest links them with the the Viennese Music Ensemble "die reihe" ( www.diereihe.at ). This ensemble invited the choir to do a concert project with them.




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